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10 Awesome At-Home Dates that Aren’t Netflix

by Rich Emrett
10 Awesome At-Home Dates that Aren’t Netflix


It’s a common phenomenon these days: you date someone a while, you get comfortable, and pretty soon you’re sitting at home watching Netflix, you never go out, and you don’t have that much sex anymore. Don’t let this be you. There’s nothing wrong with spending a night in, and weeknights plenty of us are too damn tired to do anything. We get it. But, every once a while, try out these at-home dates that aren’t Netflix. You and your relationship will thank us.

  1. Switch to Youtube

Pop some popcorn and share some of the most hilarious or heartwarming videos you’ve ever seen with each other. It’s awesome stress relief and always gives you a taste of each other’s sense of humor.

  1. Cook Dinner Together

It’s classy and it can be really sexy, too. You can’t go wrong with a romantic dinner like Italian or something fun like your perfect pizza versus hers. Don’t forget to lift her up onto the counter and get it on while food’s in the oven.athomedate-cookdinnertogether

  1. Have a Tasting Night

Plenty of places let you buy mixed 6-packs of beer. Buy a bunch of different types and have a tasting. Or go for wine if that’s more your speed. Step it up with appetizers to go along with them. Talk like connoisseurs even if you have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about (I swear, the last beer I had tasted like burnt apricots).

  1. Dance

It can be bumpin’ hip hop that’s got you grinding, some 90s R&B, both, or whatever you want. Dancing together, just you two at home, can be super fun and also really intimate. Move it to the bedroom for some stripping.

  1. Twister

athomedate-twisterYou know, the game with the colored circles. Play 1 v. 1 and don’t hesitate to do it naked. It’s good for your flexibility, and it’s also pretty fun foreplay.

  1. Play Board Games

If you’re competitive, have a full-blown tournament. Can’t go wrong with strip poker or drinking games, either. Not to mention those corny but kinky games from the sex shop!

  1. Porn Marathon

Share your favorites. And there’s nothing wrong with masturbating together if you’re too tired for crazy sex.

  1. Sex Toys Sampler

Go buy some new sex toys and test them out. If you’re too lazy to leave the house, you could always just tie each other up.

  1. Sit and Talk (By Candlelight)

Sometimes you just really need to relax, but you still want to spend time together. Set up the most relaxing living room or bedroom you can think of. Candles, cozy blankets, soft music, etc. Tell each other stories you haven’t told yet, vent a little, or just cuddle in silence.

  1. Give Each Other Massages

Splurge a little and buy some really nice massage lotion. If you’re no good at massages, hit up Youtube for some tips. Play some soft music and go for it. There’s nothing like a slow and sensual massage that ends in epic sex.

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